Focus on what matters the most, Your event. While we promote your stall spaces and get the right vendors and the support you require to make your events flawless & successful!

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Fill in your event details, choose your stall types, and voilà—your page is ready for action!


Invite Vendors to your event, and reach a new audience with our promotional tools.


Check vendor lists, manage resources, and throw a great event without a hitch.

Open Flea
Closed Flea
Corporate Flea

Open Fleas

Set up, Manage and sell out your event space to highly rated vendors from Buzzonify with our optimized promotional tools. We’ll ensure a fantastic experience for you, your vendors & the customers the whole way through.

  • Boost sales with Built in social promotion
  • Create the most compelling marketing campaign to get the maximum crowd
  • Manage your events with our professional & reliable tools.

Closed Fleas

Boost your sales with our social promotion tools and connect with our community of vendors from a variety of categories who ensure your customers get the unique offerings that ensures fun, easy and affordable experience for all.

  • Get assistance on Hosting the event.
  • Creative marketing strategies that sell your stall spaces/products at events with a breeze
  • Use Core & creative branding principles to help your event stand out & profit your Vendors more than ever before.

Corporate Fleas

Choose the right vendors & businesses that excite your customers ranging from a variety of categories with the power to use professional event management tools that

  • Manage members only with Lan yards & check lists that offers confidence and security to the event location
  • Professional assistance from buzzonify to facilitate your events
  • Boost revenue with Sponsors & promotional business partners of Buzzonify


Revolutionizing event management
Buzzonify helps you to organize better events & reach more people.

  • Customized marketing strategy
  • Facilitation support from top notch coordinators trained and certified by Buzzonify
  • Manage vendors & security with our professional and reliable tools

Save Time and Do More

Get the support you need to plan, promote, and manage your best event yet.

Customize your event page

Design your page, offer multiple ticket options including reserved seating, and add questions to get to know your attendees.

Accelerate your stall sales

Share your event by sending invitations and emails from your Buzzonify account & spread the word with built-in sharing tools to accelerates your sales.

World class support

Let us share the bit of your anxiety in making your event fruitful to all. Get facilitation assistance from Buzzonify so you focus on what matters the most.

Let Vendors pay online

Accept credit and debit cards with Buzzonify's secure payment processor. Track sales and refunds all in one place at a click of a button.

Track real-time progress

See who’s coming, how much money you’ve made & Stay organized with 24/7 access to your dashboard and reports.

Optimize your revenue/offerings

We’ll help you monetize your offering & design the optimum cost to ensure maximum occupancy & a rewarding revenue.

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